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About MTG

Mind The Gap is a project created by Holland’s PRO Skater Sven Boekhorst.

Sven is a multiple gold medalist in the in-line skating category at the biggest extreme sports events around the world such as X- Games, Gravity Games or LG Action Sports.

He gained experience by participation in major major projects dedicated to extreme sports. So, he is able to create an event in the city centre which is the essence of extreme sports and gathers a big audience.

Mind The Gap it is an innovative formula of the competition in the categories such as BMX and In-line skating, performed on a specially prepared mobile skatepark, which main element is a big kicker with the gap inisde. Compact size of the skatepark gives  an opportunity  to carry out a competition in the most spectacular location in each city.

Thanks to the cooperation with SBevent's, RODEO and adidas Originals, this event may be held for the first time in Poland!

Mind The Gap contest is held in 3 rounds for every discipline.
The first round starts from jumps through 3 metres gap, the distance between the kicker and landing  gets bigger in every round.

First round
12 invited competitors from every category (BMX, In-Line).
3 m. gap
3 runs for each rider
Second round
6 Bmx riders and 6 In-line skaters that were promoted from the first round
4 m. gap
3 runs for each rider
Final Round
4 best competitors from BMX and 4 best from In-Line.
5 m. gap
3 runs for each rider

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